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"Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are the rain upon the blinding dust of earth overlying our hard hearts"

- Great Expectations, Charles Dickens.

I’ve just started my very first Charles Dickens novel, I decided to start with my father’s favorite Great Expectations. I’m only 20% through (yes I got it free for my kindle lol) and I think the greatest lesson so far I’ve taken away from the novel is to not let the bad/catastrophic events of your life determine the course of your life. Learn to let things go. A hyperbolic example of what happens when you don’t is Miss Havashim. She is literally trapped in the moment before she was left at the alter, her cake a metaphor for her life crumbling, decaying rot. 

I can’t wait to continue :).


I was in NYC, on the hunt for a floral/print chiffon-y dress. Went to almost all my fav stores, unsuccessful. In SOHO I saw a girl with a super pretty feather/flower pastel print and matching pink cardigan. Sooo cuteeee. A big part of me wanted to ask her, but then I thought she would think I’m such a creeper…


I’m lovesick over a dress. If any of you have seen something similar pleaseee let me know

thanks <3 


Zingy Prints and Springy Stripes at the Zooey Deschanel Party

Zooey Deschanel is designing a clothing line? Where was I when this news became available? from the pictures, look super cute can’t wait!!


Unconventional Ad Shows How Makeup Can Make It Easier to Be Yourself

This is incredible. These ladies are inspirational for overcoming/owning their adversities.



Song of the Day:
Jack Antonoff’s new band Bleachers released the music video for their song I Wanna Get Better and not only is it great, it features Retta!

Retta is perfection in this!!! I love this!

Photo Set




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Rebecca Ferguson - I Hope

Ok to be honest I stole this from my favorite fellow tumblr-ite (?) :). This song is a summation of the thoughts and feelings I have been trying to aspire to. Look, bad things happen. Terrible, awful things that make you question your fellow human beings, your own humanity and your existence. Bitterness and cynicism consumed me and I gave up. I looked at other people’s happy moments and juxtaposed them against the acrimony I was suffering. This made me feel even worse. I used to be an optimist, hope an eternal spring from my soul. but that spring dried up as the darkness in my life blotted it out. I wanted to be happy for other people because other people deserve their happiness, I wanted to forget what happened to me but I couldn’t. Now after many tears and years I realize that I can still be that girl that wishes well on others without the burgeoning bitterness in my heart. This feeling of healing of letting go and finally, finally pure unadulterated happiness for you or anyone is something I am so proud of. I am letting go. I can’t tell you how good it feels to forgive and move on.  Mark Twain said that

'Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it”

For those of you who can’t just yet, I get it. Even at this place I know that my heart will falter and I may fall back into old habits, but this feeling is a work in progress and I aspire to see it through. I was there and InshAllah (God Willingly) I pray that you get here too.

I hope life treats you well

I hope life treats you good

and God Bless <3